IT Market Intelligence

Infrastructure Software Markets covered by Soft-Research reports (by Country, by Deployment (on prem/cloud), by Company Size, by Vertical)

Segment Subsegment 1 Subsegment 2 Subsegment 3
Network infrastructure and management Network Monitoring Software Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics
  Network Management Software
Network Virtualization and SDN Controller Software
Network Application Delivery Software Application delivery
WAN optimization
Operating systems   Operating Systems
Virtualization Software   VDI Software
x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure
Server Based Computing (SBC)
Security software Application Security   Application Security Testing Software
Firewall Software
Vulnerability Assessment Software Vulnerability Management Software
Cloud Security Cloud Access Security Brokers Software
Container Security Software
Consumer Security Software  
Data Security   Encryption Software
Tokenization Software
Data Loss Prevention Software
Identity Access Management Access Management Software Access Governance Software
Authentication software Single Sign On (SSO) Software
  Authentication Software
Privileged Access Management Software
Identity Management Software
Password Management Software
Infrastructure Protection Endpoint Protection Platform (Enterprise) Software Patch Management Software
Digital Forensics Software
Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) software 
Endpoint Protection Software
  Secure Email Gateway Software
SIEM Software
Threat Intelligence Software
Secure Web Gateway Software
Integrated Risk Management Integrated Risk Management Solutions Software
Network Security Equipment and Software DDoS Protection Software
Network Access Control (NAC) Software
Network Security Software
Zero Trust Network Access
Network Detection and Response
Firewall Equipment
VPN Software
Bot Detection and Mitigation Software
Storage Management Archiving Software Archiving Software
Email Archiving Software
Data Replication and Protection Software Backup Software
FSS File Sharing Software
File Sync Software
  Data Governance Software
Storage Software Storage and Device Management Software
Storage Infrastructure Software
Software-Defined Storage
IT Operations software   IT Management Software (ITIM)
Server Management Software
Remote Monitoring and Management Software
IT Asset Management Software, SAM,ITFM
Service Desk Software
ITSM Software
Application Performance Management Software
Cloud Management Software
Incident Management Software
SaaS Management Software
Digital Workplace Software
Remote Work Software
Remote Desktop Software
Remote Support Software
Mobility Software
Mobile Device Management Software
Database Management, Administration and Development Database Management Systems   RDBMS Software
NoSQL Databases
Low-Code Database Management Systems
Navigational Database Management Systems Fixed record database management systems
Object-oriented database management systems
Multivalue database management systems
Non-Schematic Database Management Systems Semi-schematic DBMS
No schema DBMS
  Graph Database Management Systems
Document-Oriented Database Systems
Key-Accessible Database Systems
In-Memory Shared Data Managers
Data Lake Management Systems
Database Administration and Development Database Administration
Database Replication
Data Modeling
Database Development and Optimization
Data Management   Bulk data movement software (ELT)
Data Integration
Data quality
Data access infrastructure software
Composite data framework software
Master Data Management Software
Metadata management software
Self-service data preparation software
Data archiving and information life-cycle management
Database security
Spatial Data Management Spatial information management GIS Software
GPS Tracking Software
Application Development  Development Languages, Environments, and Tools IDEs
Compiled languages or 3GLs
Managed languages
Web design and development tools
Client-side model-driven tools
Server-side scripting and interpreted languages
Software Construction Components Software Construction Components
Business Rules Management Systems Business Rules Management Systems
Modeling and Architecture Tools Object Modeling Tools
Business Process Modeling Tools
Enterprise Architecture Tools
AD Mainframe Tools AD Mainframe Tools
Quality Tools Quality Tools
Bug Tracking Software
Process and Configuration Management Process and Configuration Management
  Low Code Development Platform
No Code Platform Software
Source Code Management Software
Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Software
Automated Testing Software
Application Infrastructure   Other AIM
Application Platform Software
Business Process Management Suites
Transaction Processing Monitors
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
Application Integration Suites
High Control aPaaS
High Productivity aPaaS
Robotic Process Automation
Digital Experience Platforms
Application Lifecycle Management Software
Performance Testing Software
Integration and Orchestration Business-to-business middleware B2B Gateway Software (Stand-Alone)
B2B Networks and B2B Managed Services
Integration Software Full Life Cycle API Management
Integration Software
Connectivity Adapters and Plug-In Software
Event Stream Processing Software Event Brokers & Messaging Infrastructure
Event Stream Processing (ESP) Platforms
Functions software
IoT application platforms
Process mining and insights software
  Managed File Transfer Suites