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Enterprise Edge Key Metrics


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IoT Segments, covered by Soft-Research


3-D Printer
Agricultural Sensor
ANPR Camera
Auto-Checkout Terminal
Automotive Diagnostics
Automotive Infotainment
Automotive Insurance
Automotive WiFi
Baggage Handling and Security Equipment
Body Camera
Burglar Alarm Control Unit - Commercial
Cargo Handling Equipment
Charging Road
Checkpoint Scanner
Cleaning Equipment
CNS-ATM Equipment
CO Detector
Commercial Drone
Commercial Electricity Submeter
Commercial HVAC System
Commercial Monitoring Camera
Commercial Security Camera
Commercial Wearable
Connected Bus
Connected Car
Connected Commercial Aircraft
Connected Commercial Ship
Connected Construction Vehicle
Connected Farming Equipment
Connected Field Device
Connected Heavy Truck
Connected Mining Equipment
Connected Train
Construction Site Monitoring Sensor
Construction Tool
Cooking Equipment
DDC Controller
Dedicated E-Call Device
Dental Prosthesis
Device Controller
Diagnostic and Screening Equipment
Digital Set-Top Box
Door/Window Sensor
Electric Adapter
Electricity Meter
Electronic Door Lock
Electronic Gate
Electronic Shelf Edge Label
Electronic Toll Collection System
Energy Monitoring Device
Environment Sensor
Environment Sensor
EV Charging Unit
Fire Alarm Control Unit - Commercial
Fire Engine Device
Fire Officer Device
Fixed-Location Checkout Terminal
Fleet Telematics Device
Foot Traffic Sensor
Freight Pallet
Gas Meter
Gas Process Sensor
Ground Support Equipment
Head-Mounted Display
Health Monitoring
Healthcare Monitoring Device 
Heat Detector
Hotel Door Lock
Indoor Digital Signage
Indoor LED Lighting 
Indoor Lighting Controller
In-Vehicle Toll Device
Manufacturing Machinery
Material Handling Equipment
Medication Cabinet
Mine Sensor
Mobile Checkout Terminal
Mobile Medication Tracker
Motion Sensor
Networkable Printer/Photocopier - Commercial
Oil/Gas Well Sensor
Outdoor Digital Signage
Outdoor Smart Trash Bin
Outdoor Surveillance Camera
Package Tracker
Parking Meter
Parking Sensor
Passenger Information Screen
Pipeline Sensor
Police Officer Device
Power Generating Equipment
Power Plant Process Sensor
Public Safety Alarm
Public Transport Advertising
Rail Sensor
Railway Signal
Refrigeration Monitoring Device
Road Traffic Sensor
Roadside Assistance Device
Robot - by Vertical
Security Access Controller
Security Light
Self-Checkout Terminal
Shipment Condition Monitor
Shipping Container
Smart Bike Lock
Smart Grid Device
Smart Locker
Smart Shelf
Smart TV
Smoke Detector
Solar Road
Static Advertising
Tag - Cross-Industry
Tag Reader - by Vertical
Ticket Machine
Time Clock
Tracking Tag by Vertical
Traffic Light
Transport Security Camera
Vehicle Leasing Device
Vehicle Navigation Device
Vending Machine
VPA-Enabled Wireless Speaker
Wastewater Process Sensor
Water Meter